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Not that airlines suck, but...

I should say that it's Delta.  What douchebags!!!!  Won't be flying them anytime soon.

CN: Delta charged soldiers returning from Afghanistan extra bag fees.

Re: Not that airlines suck, but...

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    [QUOTE]They probably just encountered some useless person at the check in desk that didn't want to take the time to do his or her job, get it right from the start or correct it at that point and rather than argue or potentially miss their flight, they all just paid the fee.  More of an issue with customer service than Delta policy.  Customer service at airlines, other than first class, completely sucks, but then the price to fly in the 'old days' when service was great was nearly the same as first class is now, so cheap tickets = cheap service.  Everyone hates the airlines now but most are not willing to pay more for better service.
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    <em>Some troops told CBS WGCL the military personnel in the video will be in lots of hot water when their superiors find out about the YouTube clip.</em><div style="color:#000000;background-color:transparent;text-align:left;text-decoration:none;border:medium none;">
    As they should be.  If that happened to me, I would contact my employer and tell them that there was a misunderstanding of the policy and I was charged $200 extra for my baggage and ask that someone take care of it, knowing it would be resolved.  If instead, I posted a YouTube video whining about it, and it went viral like this one, I'd have some 'splain' to  do.   Act like a goddamn adult, people. 

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