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Where do you ladies buy work clothes?

And what are some work wardrobe staples that I should have? I'm like thisclose to getting a job in a law firm that describes itself as "business casual" but I don't really have a work wardrobe. My old job that I had for 4 years was casual casual, nothing business about it. We nominally had a somewhat lax dress code (no flip-flops, no shorts, no sweat pants, etc.) but no one ever cared to enforce it so it was pretty much anything goes. I wore jeans and casual tops and cute flats or sandals most days.

And what's business casual appropriate anyway? Can I wear sweaters or regular tops or should everything be, like, button-front blouses or whatever? Are short sleeves ok? How long should skirts be? I have a few that aren't quite knee-length but they aren't scandalously short or anything, is that acceptable? How about khakis or cordoroys? I guess I'll find out when I go there for the first time what most people are wearing since I've only been dealing with the staffing agency so far. I know I sound fashion deficient but I graduated from college and started my first job immediately so I went from the college environment to a casual work environment with nothing in between other than interviews.
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