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How long til I call again? (long)

 Hi, I'm bored, its slow, and I'm getting antsy. It could be that the 48th hour without nicotine is fastly approaching...

CN: Changed my mind on venue because couldn't make deposit til Jan, now new venue - which I love - hasn't returned my phone call.

So I had a venue, and it was pretty pricey but offered indoor/outdoor usage, tables and chairs included, blah blah blah. But they wouldn't let me put a deposit down until the beginning of the year (which I find ridiculous), so of course I kept shopping around. I came across an amazing place, chapel on site, pond with deck, 2 "restaurants", indoor and outdoor dance floor, guest house, everything I wanted and they don't charge a set amount, they just ask you to make a donation to a nonprofit. I love the place, and I love the idea of donating the money (nooo, not as a favor - those are covered).

A friend of mine is getting married there in March, and she was the one who told me all about it. She told me how to get there and to just ride by and look at it. When me and FI did ride by, there was a man on the edge of the property (by the road) and he waved friendly-like. So we pulled up next to him and found out that he was the owner. So we introduced ourselves and told him what we were doing. He said to call him and we'd set up a time to come out there to walk around and look. So excited.

So I called on the 28th and left a message and haven't heard back from him. Should I call again tomorrow or keep waiting it out? I'm anxious because if this doesn't work out for some reason, I'm down to roughly 4 months to find a venue (or hope someone else hasn't already booked my original venue).
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