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Oh. My God.

CN: My aunt has lost her mind, wants to separate from her husband and apparently has a secret punk rocker boyfriend.

My family and friends are crazy people.  Crazy.  Last night I was literally laying in bed for the longest time saying my prayers and thanking God for blessing me with such an incredibly family in-law.  And today I'm reminded again that my own family is seriously full of nutballs.

I posted a while ago about my (suspected to be) alcoholic aunt - she just called me and dropped the most ridiculous bomb.  I don't even know what to do with it.

She has been married to her husband for 12 years and they have a five year old son together - the boy has a very rare genetic disorder where he has no immune system.  She called today and told me she thinks she's separating from her husband.  To me this is out of nowhere but - they live in So-Cal, so obviously it's not like I can see anything that's going on.  When Ben and I were out there last summer they seemed fine and even were giving us pointers for marriage - "ya gotta be best friends" type stuff.

Now she's telling me that they fight all the time, they have financial issues and problems, she's been sleeping on the couch for a month and they never do stuff together anymore - she says she doesn't think she's in love with him anymore.

Okay - so before I can suggest marital counseling, she adds, "Oh, and I have a boyfriend.  His name is *** and he's on my Facebook.  He's a drummer in a punk rock band, he has tattoos, he lays bricks and is ripped."  ...She is 41 years old.  She's talking to me like she's fucking 16.  Are you fucking kidding me!?  Her husband is a bilingual school teacher.  And now she's fawning over some muscle head tatted up band member.  Not that I have anything against people like that of course - it just seems to be like she's TOTALLY reverting back to her wild high school days.  Something is seriously wrong.

I am angry she's told me about this.  I'm the only person in the family who knows right now.  She's told some of her girlfriends.  I'm like, whatthefuck.  I don't need to carry this shiit around in my head.  When my mother hears about it (and I'm not bringing it up to her) she will pretty much shitabrick.

She was in her car when she called and was getting upset, and she said she was going to call me back.  She wants advice.  I don't know what else to tell her other than she's being an idiot.  If I were down in Cali right now, I'd smack her face to try and snap her out of it.
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