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Job Interviews and Cake

Had my interview, I'll find out by the middle of next week after all goes through committee.  Seriously though, great interview.  If i don't get it, there is no justice in the world.

Since we've been talking about interview questions lately, here are a few I got in HR before going before the department heads.

*Please tell me about a time when there was conflict in your workplace and what actions you took.

*Describe to me a time at work when you were at your most stressed. I'd like to know what caused it, what your reaction was, and how you dealt with that stressor.

*Tell me about your worst experience with a superior.

*Describe to me what you think is the most effective method for dealing with coworkers that, for lack of a better term, give you attitude.

*What would this job mean to you?

And just for fun..a cake pic

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