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Dad and Wedding

My FI and I have been trying to include our parents in the planning as much as we can.  My dad went to the reception place with us for that meeting.  Well we recently started working on a dj for the reception.  I had called 5 or 6 different djs, got quotes, scheduled appointments with 3 of the lowest quotes and told my F-ILs and my dad about the appointments so they can come since they are paying and can have a say.  My F-ILs came to one appointment and because of my FFIL our dj now added to his contract that if he is not the dj we get 25% off the price.  My dad on the other hand decided he would rather spend the weekend camping.  (My dad spends every weekend camping from May to October and sometimes a whole week or two).  Once we had gone to all the appointments and made a decision I called my mom and stepdad and told them our selection and they were happy about it.  When I told my Dad he complained that we were early in getting a DJ and that we are taking the fun out of it and wont have anything fun to do right before the wedding.  On Friday (9/2) the wedding will be 9 months away.  My FI and I are trying to get the big things done now so the last few months can be stress free...and if that means less fun in my dads book then we will take the stress free route.  I work 2 jobs and my FI works a lot as well so scheduling is going to be harder from now until the wedding.  How can I get my dad to understand that we are not doing things too early and to get him to be more involved in the planning.

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