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Help the Broke Military Bride!!!

Hey gals, I need a big favor from all you brides to be out there. You all know how hard it is to plan a wedding, especially on a tight budget in a bad economy. My fiance, David and I are trying to get married this year. I spent last year away with the military. Both my mother and my grandmother are in poor health which now takes up much of my time. We've beaten all kinds of odds together, from a long distance relationship to deployment, and David has stuck with me through think and thin. He is amazing and I want to be his wife. We are currently in a contest with a local wedding co-op to win $5000 worth of gifts and services to help us make this happen. We are currently in third place and only need about 30 more votes to catch up to first. Please help a poor bride by voting for us. Not only do you help a soldier, but the karma will feel great! All you have to do is visit this link....

Then go into the photo album labeled "the grand proposal contest" and "like" the picture of Kate and David in front of the Disney castle. It's that simple, and makes a huge difference for a strugling couple. Thanks a bunch ladies and good luck on your own journey down the ilse!!!

Kate the Broke Bride
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