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Healthy food help

As many of you know, H has type 1 diabetes. I was reading that about 2/3 of people with type 1 die of heart/vascular complications. That scares me so much.

I know the biggest keys to keeping him healthy are to eat well, exercise regularly, and keep his blood sugars steady. The exercise part is the easiest for us. However, I find it hard sometimes to keep healthy foods stocked, cooked, and consumed. We both work 12 hour days and he works in a place with no access to reheating food.

I'm looking for healthy food/blog/cookbook/snack suggestions. Every site i've seen so far recommends the same things: fruits, veggies, whole grains. I need something practical. I'm thinking menu planning will be a good idea, as well as diligently pre-packing lunches. Any recs for me?
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