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First Anniversary Gift

So I decided a while back to get H a ring for our anniversary in October.  He used to wear a right hand ring but lost it in July in the ocean.  The one he used to have was titanium, brushed look, with two offset lines around it.  These are the three I'm debating between: one two three

Just out of curiosity which do you like better?  I kind of feel like three looks too feminine (it's only a six millimeter and my engagement ring and wedding band are 6mm together).  I really like number two and I think he'dl ike that it looks "different" but is it too trendy?  

I plan on getting "Come rain or come shine" engraved on it (our first dance song that has meant way more to us this year than I think we could have ever imagined lol) so since it's custom, I have to really be sure before I order.
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