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I'm frustrated - Proof me, please?

Work dramz, as always.  Undecided

Hi (Owner of the company), 
I was hoping you could help me out with an HR issue, I'm sorry to bug you while you are on vacation but I feel this couldn't wait.  I'm not sure how to reach (HR/Owner's Wife) while she is away, so please feel free to forward this on to her if you feel that would be more appropriate.  

Last year, while I was planning my wedding, it was mentioned to me that in the past, employees were given one week of paid vacation time as a benefit that was to be used during their honeymoon.  It was mentioned that, because this was the precedent, that this would also be the case for myself and my honeymoon vacation time in January.  Come January, I did not receive this benefit and assumed that, due to one or several reasons (growth of the company, slower sales, etc.) this benefit was no longer being offered to employees and I decided not to press the issue.  I assumed that (Manager), who had originally approached me about the idea, had to rescind the offer for one reason or another and that was the new policy.  While I do regret not approaching (Manager) about the issue at the time, I also feel it would have been appropriate for him to address the issue with me as well.

Very recently, however, I learned that this benefit had been offered to (Receptionist) and upon her learning that I did not in fact receive the vacation pay, she decided to approach (Manager) about the issue.  Unfortunately, word has gotten back to me that (Receptionist) was offered the pay on the condition that I was not to know about it as I would not be receiving this benefit, despite being previously told I would.

I am having difficulties coming to terms with this, as I am unable to think of a reason as to why this benefit would be extended to two other employees, but not myself.  I feel that this is unfair, amounting to preferential treatment of some employees over others.  I am admittedly frustrated and looking for some guidance on how to approach this situation.

I hope you are enjoying your trip. 

Thank you for your help,

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