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Well that stinks

Has anyone seen the preview for the movie Conviction. Hilary Swank plays a real person that finished high school then law school to help her brother get out of prison after being wrongly convicted.

I was reading an article that says the real guy died six months after being released. That would really suck to spend almost 20 years working to get someone out of prison for them to die six months later.

Here's the link to the story

Also, I knew a girl that survived breast cancer at the age of 23 to die in a car accident last Friday night, on the six month anniversary of being in remission.

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Re: Well that stinks

  • I HAVE seen previews for that movie and I really, really want to see it - but I didn't know that the guy fucking died just after getting out.  That's just terrible.

    But, silver lining: At least he didn't die in prison.  At least he was vindicated.  Poor guy and poor family, though :( Just awful.
  • Oh that's sad. That movie does look really good. I'm a bit wishy washy on Hillary Swank for some reason but I definitely want to see that movie. So sorry for that poor girl who died after surviving breast cancer too. It doesn't make sense when something like that happens to people.
  • Betty Anne Waters (the woman Hilary Swank portrays) is an amazing woman, I think it's especially big of her not to be bitter about about the whole thing and the fact that she's just happy she got her brother out and they had those 6 months.
  • I wanted to see that except I don't like Hillary Swank. I like Sam Rockwell, though.  

     That stinks that he died in real life :(
  • I read that the movie isn't as great as it could have been, but I still want to watch it to see how it all plays out.
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