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Exciting development!

I hired an artist I found on Etsy to do a portrait of my dogs for my parent's thank you gift.  It's not done yet, but the artist sent me a proof today, it's so perfect!!
  I love it, love it!  What did you/are you going to get for your parent's thank you gift?
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Re: Exciting development!

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    I told them they would be given grandkids in the near future :)

    I also made a little story book, about a wonderful man who met a beautiful woman and had a baby girl. It outlined our lives as a family unit from Desert Storm (Where the evil King forced the happy family from their home) to different boyfriends, college, etc. The last page had a picture of me in my gown and said "On May 1st, 2009 their little girl married a wonderful man, but they know she will always be their baby".

    Yup, dad cried, hard.
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    That is so sweet Katie, I got a little teary myself :)
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    My dad did pretty well throughout the wedding planning. Then when we were practicing our dancing one night he just lost it. I was just baffled and said "Dad, you do realize that me getting married is going to result in my moving closer right? So this is a good thing for you!" He just hiccup sobbed out "It's not the same, someone else will be there to take care of you!"

    Mom said letting Scott take care of me when I had my root canal (seriously drugged up and I can't handle tooth work) was the hardest thing she's had to do since I was little.

    Oh parents, so dramatic :)
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    That's sweet, Katie. My brother and I made my dad a calender for Christmas a couple years ago with lots of pictures growing up through now. He started to cry when he looked through it and had to stop because it meant so much. My dad never cries. Homemade gifts like that are the best.

    Sadie, that's a really cute picture. They will love it!
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    Aww, so cute! The dog on the left looks a little like my dog!

    For my parent's gift, I am making a 5x7 card that has words related to me, them, etc.. around the spot for a photo. I plan on writing a message to them inside the card, and wrapping the frame.. I can't decide if I want to give them an e-pic or wedding photo..if I do the latter the card will look a little funny and they can't frame it until after I get the photos back... 
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