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Hair question

So, I hate my hair. It's thick, naturally curly, frizzy and all around just a hot mess. It's not pretty curly at all, it's just weird. So I straighten it I let it grow out for the wedding so now it takes me about 45 minutes to dry and straighten it to have it look like I've done nothing to it. Now that it's the humid time of year, an hour after I straighten it, it frizzes up and doubles in size. 

So I'm thinking about getting a perm, my thought is that it will make my hair pretty curly. I'm also thinking about cutting around 7 inches off. I've never had a perm so I really don't know if I'm thinking correctly. Obviously I'm going to ask my hair dresser, but I'd like to know what you think of perms? I feel like an old lady talking about getting a perm.
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