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Health Goals

Seems like every bride is doing something to get in shape/lose weight/tone up.

Do you have any of these goals?  What are you doing to reach them?

Are you using the "Getting in Shape" board? 

S'mores. Just S'mores please.

Re: Health Goals

  • I have already lost 7 lbs but I need to lose another 12. I am really going to try harder after the holidays are done. I am using weight watchers and sometimes sparks people . I know lately I have been slacking in the gym . So I have already been Friday and Saturday this week. I am hoping to get there three more days this week.
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  • You'll do it!  Holidays suck when it comes to sticking to a plan or "diet".  I always go to the parties with good intentions.  I rarely succeed.  Like you, after the holidays I will work hard.  

    I joined WW this morning because I do not want to gain during the holidays and our upcoming vacation.  After debating on HOW to go about reaching my goals I realized that when I had a gym membership for two years I never changed my eating habits.  I toned up but never lost any weight.  I always thought I ate well but I most certainly don't.  I eat under stress, out of boredom and weekends are a full on attack of my common sense.  
    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
  • I have 50lbs to lose

    I joined Sona MedSpa. I'm on day 2 and I've failed at my diet so far. I plan to RE-KICK start my diet tomorrow.
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  • I am probably one of the few brides that is not doing anything to loose weight. Surprised lol, I'm by no means skinny. I have curves and I love them! FI loves me the way I am and I also have a difficult time loosing weight since having a child 6 years ago. But good luck to all of you that are, I hope you reach your goals!
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  • I would suggest using myfitness pal to track your daily calories. Also, the "Getting in Shape" Board is very helpful because they have daily food dairies and workouts to help make you accountable.
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  • I have gained weight over the last few years but its been all muscle. I have almost no fat to lose at this point. I am however going to do pilates to try to pull my waist back down to 23-23.5 inches. That should piss my seamstress of plenty she already has to pull 4 inches out of her creation, making it 5 should be pretty interesting. I just want to know I wont be bloaty on my wedding day and that my tummy will be flatter than a board.
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  • I post accountablility threads randomly on here. If someone wants to start it daily, all power to you!

    I use myfitnesspal. EVERYTHING I eat I track. All my workouts, I track. I started using it at the end of July and I am down 12 lbs with 4 more being my goal and 7 being my ultimate goal. FI started using it at the same time I did and he's down 20 lbs. so it is very helpful.


  • I have used MyFitnessPal and loved that, but decided to join Weight Watchers recently because it helps me with recipes moreso than other apps/sites.  Plus, I actually am looking forward to the meeting accountability... Even though I'm a little terrified at the same time, haha.  I have my first meeting this coming weekend... Perhaps I'll report back! ;)

    As for exercise, I recently had a personal trainer to teach me some new, more muscle-related exercises and I routinely use the elliptical.  Weight loss is definitely not easy and I've lost and gained numerous times, but the wedding and being healthy for a family and whatnot are definitely the best motivators I've ever had!  I'd totally like to participate in an accountability thread if others ever feel like doing so.  I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone on this board! :)
  • @DoodleyDoo

    I'm also loving the accountability with my weight loss professionals of choice. Every week I check in with my consultant and I get on one of those science scales that track your fat to muscle ratio it's awesome and it snitches lol. Nothing tastes as good as following through feels.

    My FI isn't doing Sona but I'm the only grocery shopper so he kinda is indirectly. 
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