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October 2013 Weddings


I am so stuck on picking out our color scheme for the wedding. What is your color scheme?

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Re: Colors?

  • Dark violet (wine color), light pink, and peacock (teal).


  • Oh that sounds really pretty!  :)
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  • Look at my post with my DIY pictures, you can get somewhat of an idea of what I am doing.


  • Different color greens, brown and Ivory. Might throw some purple in there too but very subtly. I like the rustic feel but our venue is not at all rustic. So we'll bring that feel in a bit (not to clash with the venue too much tho) with some other touches and colors.

    Colors is definitely not one of the first things you need to figure out though. Venue, music, photogs, dress...none of those BIG things have anything to do with colors. If you are DIY'ing, then yeah, that throws a little extra importance in there. But don't put too much time into it. Something will hit ya!
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  • I am doing the typical fall colors like brown, red, yellow and orange.  We are getting married on a farm so we can get away with going more country and rustic which is the main reason why I loved our venue so much.  I agree with the PP, unless you are making a lot of things yourself then colors aren't really that important at this point.  I am making a lot of things myself like signs, centerpieces and the flower girl baskets.  I am taking advantage of all the fall things that are out right now!  My FI probably thinks I'm nuts, I come home with leaves and pumpkins all the time!
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  • Girls are in Plum and Sangria (a lighter shade of purple) and the guys are going to be in chocolate brown suits. Fiance wants to wear a Navy Blue suit, this is why I went with purples for the girls.

    I'm going to tie in the other fall colors, oranges, reds, yellows in the flowers and decor.
  • Concord and Forrest
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  • Our colors are gray, silver, black/white with a touch of burgundy.  The girls are wearing charcoal gray dresses and carrying burgundy flowers.  Our reception is at a library so we are staying with the vintage touches., doing a lot of candles at various heights in silver candlestick holders.  Since we are getting married in October in Western NY, the colors will be in full bloom so we are taking photos outside.
  • I am doing turquoise, grey, navy blue.
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    Wine and pine :-) 
  • A darker purple, dark green, grey, cream accents.  We are doing a New Orleans theme.  I don't like the actual purple/green/yellow combination of Mardi Gras, but we used those for the base of our colors.  
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