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Tuesday Accountability

B: Starbucks skinny vanilla latte, hard boiled egg, yogurt.
L: Taco salad from Qdoba
D: Homemade chicken marsala

E: None, I have a horrible cold.


Re: Tuesday Accountability

  • Oo, love this idea!

    B: 1 egg, 2 egg whites with salsa, grapefruit and a cup of green tea with lemon
    L: Salad with romaine/spinach, chicken, feta, oil and vinegar dressing. Carrots for munching and a plum.
    D: Not 100% sure what the FI took out for dinner, so whatever protein that is and roasted brussel sprouts with onion and garlic

    E: Planning to do 30DS and 30-45 on the treadmill- getting my knees back to being ready for the Disney Princess Half.
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    B GF english muffin with almond butter and strawberries
    L Egg soufle with veggie, GF whole grain roll, cheese
    D GF mac and cheese, turkey kielbasa, brocoli
    S banana
    E Aint happening I've got costochondritis again. Appointment tomorrow, steroids for thanksgiving. Hoping they let me run the turkey trot, but I'm not going to stress my system until they look and see how far its spread and look at my other joints to check for flare :/
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  • Good idea!

    B: Coffee, splenda, 2% Milk and a Jimmy D-lite sandwich
    L: Can of soup, apple
    S: 3oz carrots
    D: 1 trader joes crabcake, fresh tomatoes and 1/4 cup of brown rice
    it is highly likely I will inhale a banana later.
    E: none
    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
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