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August 2012 Weddings

Flower girl dress! Checkity check check.

Well. Sort of.

I'm a disney princess freak. And I fell in love with the movie Tangled. And Tangled's "colors" are pink and purple, which are our wedding colors. So, what makes more sense than to have our 4-year-old niece wear a Tangled dress to be our FG?

This is the one for the winter:

But since it'll be August, we're going to wait for the summer one (it'll be lighter and have short sleeves) to come out and/or go on sale.

Just the dress, not the shoes/wand/wig/etc.

Yay :)
Updated 8/9!

Re: Flower girl dress! Checkity check check.

  • I was at Penny's the other day and just happened to notice Easter dresses (that look identical to FG dresses) at a deep clearance.  I think I might go that direction!  Love how your combining all your favorites into a dress your neice will adore!
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