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August 2012 Weddings

My grandma is such a blessing!

My grandma is awesome. She loves FI so much, almost as if he is her own grandkid. She is always taking care of us, like if we are low on groceries, she lets us "shop" in her pantry for food.
She also pitched in to pay for my dress. And I guess I should add that my grandpa is pretty cool too. Considering it's his money too.
They have also offered to pay for our flowers for the wedding. Flowers were one area where I really didn't care that much, but now that I have money set aside for it, I'm excited.
And then, just yesterday she told me that she and my grandpa would pay the deposits so we can start booking vendors. We haven't been able to afford it , so this is a godsend! Now I feel like I can really start booking things.
I'm very blessed to have them. They are some of the most kind, caring people I know. Even beyond monitarily, which is what I mentioned above, they always have a open heart and an open home. My grandma is so positive about everything. She's so supportive of everyone in the family doing what makes them happy and acheiving goals.

Anybody else have family that is helping out?

My parents said they would help, but they haven't been able to really afford it either. They did chip in on the dress though. Which I am thankful for.
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