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August 2012 Weddings

NWR- but party planning help! please :)

So a little NWR stuff here.
I am throwing my mom a "surprise" 60th bday. But basically she knows all about it, and is helping me plan it because I don't have any sisters to help and my one aunt works and two more are flying in the day of.. so she felt bad and demanded I tell her whats going on.

Anyway, I am having a party in the Main room of our apt complex. here is a photo so you can see a blank slate:

So basically where those "tan" chairs are that you can't really see is like another 10 feet of space. So I am going to Move those chairs and put up 2 long 6" tables with chairs... then see behind the brick where the pool table is there are more tables and chairs? Those are round, so i am going to move them next to this brown couch... Get it? Following? lol   the tan cahirs/rug i am going to move back behind the brick arch where the pool table is...

SO I need a little help. I am doing a "spring theme" I got some new napkins and plates from target that are bright green, yellow and spring themy.
then her invites are Bight Green (like the color of the post buttons on here) and blue (like hte color of the knot side thing) ...with like flowers.

So.... I ordered this cake, but Only ONE TIER, White. Not with the yellow nad asked for the "little butterflies" to be on it, with liek 1-2 bigger ones

BUT NOW I am paranoid... Do you guys think its too juvenielle?
Like all the spring stuff with the butterfly cake.

I was also going to use tulips are centerpieces that are planted in pots--- I have silver pots that I bought at Target for $1.

And I was also ging to cut some forsythia (or however its splled) and put it in vases on the round tables

So do you guys Get wehre I am going with this? MY Borthers Girlfriend keeps turning up her nose and says is a "60th bday not a childs bday" but I dont really think its going to look childish, I just think its going to look Spring... I am hoping anyway.

Any other ideas you guys have?
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