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August 2012 Weddings

Venue (vent)

So I'm so tired of wedding planning.  I'm just so incredibly frustrated trying to find anything affordable for this wedding.  The day I've been dreaming of my whole life is turning into the biggest headache ever.

Like ever.  Really.

I think we might just make it an intimate wedding.  We're talking 30-40 people MAX.  Including us.  That way, we can still have a nice day with the things I can't live without, and actually be able to enjoy our day.  Then later we'll have a BBQ at his mom's or someone else's house.

I don't want to dread this process.  I'm just so over trying to figure out how to pay for a wedding for so many people.  So I'm thinking just immediate families, grandparents, one close aunt & two close cousins, and our wedding party.  That's it.  Period.

Do you think that's crazy?  I'm just having a hard time justifying spending $10,000 on one day.  This would make it so we're able to spend less than $5,000 and really be able to enjoy every minute of our day and talk with everyone in attendance and still have the wedding I've always dreamed of.  I've always wanted a small small wedding anyway-- the guest list exploded when our mom's got a hold of it.

Okay, so this was totally all over the place.  I'm just frustrated and ready to just go to Vegas and elope.

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