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Priscilla of Boston closing

Did everyone hear?  Priscilla of Boston is CLOSING!  Like, all the stores.  I just bought my dress there last month!

It seems a lot of brides got a call from their consultant today, but I didn't.  I just got a generic company email since I signed up for their updates.  My consultant is out on maternity leave, so I bet that's why, but someone still should have contacted be.  Either way, I feel terrible for my consultant.  I thought she was fantastic and it breaks my heart that she won't have a job to come back to (or won't have one for long).

According to their FAQ since my dress has been ordered it will be honored, and will be in by year end.  It doesn't say this, but I'm sure I'm on my own for alterations.  I just ordered it last month, so I'm wondering if it's even been started yet--it wasn't due originally until end of April.

I think you can cancel it if it hasn't been started yet--I'll have to call tomorrow and see.  I'm really torn on what to do if I'm allowed to cancel.  I love my dress, and I'd be absolutely happy with it, but there has still been a nagging feeling that I should have shopped more/longer to be sure... and now I might have the chance...

Ugh, what a nightmare.


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