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August 2012 Weddings

am i horribly behind?!

hey ladies! i don't post on this board very much, i tend on post on my local wedding board. however, i'm starting to get nervous maybe my fiance and i are WAY behind. so far we have only booked:


and nothing else. am i over reacting or should we start getting our butts in gear?
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Re: am i horribly behind?!

  • No you are not behind! You are very much ahead of schedule with some major checks done! I wish they would make a year and half planning schedule instead of a one year schedule. I only have my venue and dress (the dress was a fluke), and some vases for center pieces. But I have started gathering ideas for everything else.
  • Your not behind at all. There are most likely so many people are still have yet to get engaged this summer and they will become August 2012 brides.  The fact that you have those three main things booked is a great start! That's about where I am besides some fun details that I do when I have the time (because I am having so much fun with this all).  But the easiest way to make sure you are on track is to follow a to do timeline either on the knot or even by googling one. :) And if you ever have any more questions, feel free to ask us!
  • You are ahead of me. I finally just got the resort booked. I haven't even begun to think about the photographer... ugghh....

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  • okay, i feel a bit better now ladies, thank you. maybe it's just the area i'm from, but it seems like everyone is so far ahead and some are getting married after me!
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  • Not behind at all! I have my wedding dress, DJ, and minister all. We have places in mind for our sites and are waiting for a photographer to come back in town to talk to them!
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  • no way! we booked the venue & the photographer. other than that, we haven't done jack : )
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  • Woah! You are way ahead of me!  Technically I don't have anything booked yet....I'm a terrible slacker.  But I do have a few "promises."  A co-worker told me she'd make my wedding cake, my brother is making/printing my invitations, and a friend is DJing.  But nothing is set in stone.  I think you're making great progress!
  • I know someone getting married in the Conneticut area and she said the same thing as you. In fact her venue is completely booked for summer Saturday weddings for 2012. I think it is likely your area and whether or not people think things book up really fast.
  • I think CT is very popular for not only CT brides, but NY and RI too. However, we got the venue and church done pretty quickly in Jan 2011...for August 2012 which seems so far away! (We were originally thinking late June or early July 2012).

    Oh, I also forgot we got our DJ, and we are looking at videographers and caterers too. Hopefully after that we can take a little breather. Might get our e-pics done sometime this spring/summer too :)

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  • You have done more than we have but we're waiting until after our baby is born in June to start planning. I didn't want to plan both at the same time lol


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