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New to the board!

Hello fellow aug 12 knotties lol. I used to be on the 2011 board but financial problems have forced us to push the date back to 2012 (sucks) so I thought I would join this board now :)! So my name is RandiKay and just thought I would introduce myself

Re: New to the board!

  • Ahh! I'm in the same boat! I used to be a July 2011 bride! At least we can go through this together!


  • I was a 2009 bride but then I got pregnant so the new date is august 11, 2012. my name is stephanie, so happy im not the only one planning so far in advance.
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    i am new to the board as well, so im tryin to figure things out. our date is set for aug.25.2012
  • Hi all!  My BF and I are sort of going at this backwards - we already know we'll be getting marred in August 2012 (no date, since we're not engaged yet).  Due to his school and military commitments, August 2012 is the ONLY time we can reasonably have the wedding we want in the next 6 years at least (not exaggerating).

    So now I just have to wait until we get engaged to start planning!  I'll live vicariously through you ladies until then!
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  • Hi welcome! I'm new too. Luckily, Ive been not super busy at work this week so I'm all over the boards.

    We are getting married in august 2012.
    Everynone gives me a funny face when I say that-- but Im glad I have a lot of time to plan-- and that there are others out there planning so soon.

    Figured the August 2012 girls would get to know each other well over hte next 2 years!
  • well im glad to meet all you ladies and look forward to getting and giving advice to all of you! I had alot of my planning already done but since i've got plenty of time to rethink and plan everything lol im thinking about doing a complete over haul on everything I had already decided on. lol. Lots of time to plan and re-plan so im just going to enjoy the whole process instead of trying to rush through it like I was before.

  • I'm getting married o August 10, 2012. We figured we'd have plenty of time to plan and save! I'm also excited because I have the time to do some projects my self and add a personal touch. I also get a weird look when I tell people when i'm getting married. It will be here before we know it ladies! 
  • Hi & welcome to the board!!!!! :) This process will sure be fun for us all!
    Looking forward to getting to know each one of you all more!!!! its okay about the funny faces we get because in reality if we want to have the weddings of our dreams that takes time!!! shoot it took us 3 months to even find a venue! :)
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