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Im new to the board and Im in need of advice

Hello all Im in need of advice.

I'm a full time student and a full time mother. We have decided to have the wedding once I graduate. My problem is I don't know where to start the planning, this is my first wedding and willl be my only wedding. I have been in many and help friends with there's but I don't know were to start.

We have a date and are waiting on meeting with a priest.

I know I have time but with all the classes Im taking im afraid I wont get everything done or will forget something.
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Re: Im new to the board and Im in need of advice

  • Not sure if it will help or not - I'm in the same boat myself in regards to planning. Everyone I have talked to said to begin with a budget and go from there. My future sister in law provided the above websites (she just got married last year so it was still fresh).  I would suggest checking out your Local boad as well and post the same question to them. Your local board may be even more help in regard to recommending local vendor, giving reviews sometimes even providing pricing. Hope this helps!!
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  • Hi Emma! I'm also a bride and a student, but just a fur-mama for now.

    It can be stressful. In your down time, try and get as much done as you can. Even if you think "it's too early to worry about invitations", worry about them. Pick em out. Order em, even. You never know ifyou'll be loaded with papers come the time you have to send them out.

    Don't be afraid to askf or help, but be gracious about it. Don't demand! Demanders=Bridezillas

    Definitely start with a budget. From there, pick a ceremony and reception site. You'll be surprised how much falls into place.

    Do you watch Gilmore Girls? There's this episode called "The Perfect Dress" (Season 6, watch it. Over and over and over again). She finds her dress, and then the perfect venue to match the dress, and then realizes June=daisies, and then everything falls into place.

    For me, it actually happened like that. It'll all fall into place :)
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  • I am planning a 10 vow renewal, I planned my first wedding too (along with many others). This far out you really only need to be thinkg about a few things... how many people; think of the kinds of location/s you are looking for (church, indoor, outdoor?); pick a few dates (if you have your heart set on just one you will be really disappointed if you can't find a location) and lastly... start looking for a location! Have fun and relax! You have some time! I would book you venue as soon as you find one you like, some book pretty far in advance.
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    Something that has helped me is to consider things that will really allow my personality to shine. Selecting your favorite colors or flowers is a simple start that you can build on.  I became engaged in February and have just recently decided on our theme and colors.

    In addition to the great wedding planning sites you find, don't rule out the local library and bridal magazines- both are full of ideas- old & new. If you plan on doing a lot of DIY projects, looking at non-wedding projects that can be incorporated into what your theme needs will also open up more possibilities. ~*~ Good luck!!
  • I would say take it one step at a time
    I work full time and take classes at night for my masters.
    And sometimes a wedding seems like another 2nd job.

    Start with a budget
    pick the venue
    get the priest and church
    and move on from there

    maybe try to book one vendor a month or every other month

    you have time!
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  • We're having a vow renewal & I'm in the same boats as many of you ladies. What are you in school for? Me its  Nursing.

    With it my 1st semester I started with the basics; Budget, number of guests, BP, & colors. I then started a notebook and jump drive folder just for the wedding and this were I keep all my list & pics. With only two weeks in between semesters and very little down time, I have all my BM & MOH on deck. I also utilize my BB as much as possible. Taking pics of things I like (I label each pic w store & price) while I'm out shopping, all appts with 48hr & 2 hr alerts.

    I know time will fly but being organized is really helping me keep things together.

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