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Okay back story.

When I started college, I had the worst experience with residence life. First, they had no place for me to live so I was supposed to live in a lounge (aka the place with the old funky smelling couches and the microwave) with 3 other girls...

Well that didn't last long but they assigned me to a girl who was literally a psycho b!tch. She would harrass me and like corner me in our room to yell at me. So I moved out...

And moved in with a girl who had a few loose screw. Her mom would sleep over a few nights a week...yeah so I was an unhappy camper.

SO! My best friend from Wisconsin (I lived there once, I'm now in NJ) decided she would come out to college with me and start her life over and we'd be roommates.
We were so close at that point in time (this was a year ago) that I was willing to ask her to be one of my BMs. A couple of times, I asked her opinion on BM dresses, implying she would be one of them.

At the last minute, literally 2 weeks before move in...she bails on me. We don't talk for a few months because I was crushed. I ended up being assigned to a wild sorority girl... (if you girls know me, you know that's NMS).

Anywho, we're very good friends again but I'm not sure if she's really who I want standing up and supporting me at my wedding. I'm terrified she's going to bail at the last minute. FI and I decided on 3 BMs and 3 GMs and I had mentally decided on 3 BMs, my cousin, my best friend as my MOH, and one more, probably a good friend from high school.

Do you think I'm obligated to ask her? What should I do? It's been a long time since we've discussed the wedding....

PS sorry for the novel.
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