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Need Advice about MOH (little long)

Okay so I have more than 1 MOH (my wedding is very non traditional) One of them has not answered back yet whether she wants to be in the wedding or not.

I asked her back in June and she said she had to think about it. It was brought up again in Sept. and she said she wanted to but still wasn't for sure and I would have a definite answer but Oct.
Well Oct has come and gone and still no answer.

I have explained to her that I understand and I am not offended if she doesn't want to do it. She's still one of my best friends.

She just keeps saying how she's getting married the week after me and she doesn't want to have too much on her plate with planning her own wedding. I told her that's fine, but she always leaves it with "Let me think about it, I want to but haven't made up my mind yet"

I'm getting a little impatient. So How long do I wait?
I've been including her with everything as far as picking out BM dresses and shoes. So she knows the cost.
Do I put a time limit on it? It just sounds wrong, but it's been 6 months and still no answer... What do I do?

Oh and I know it sounds like she doesn't want to and just can't tell me,  so I spoke with her one day and was talking to her about the BM as if she wasn't one and she jumped in as if she had said yes, so when I said Great you are in the wedding then she said hold on let me think about it a little more.

I love her to pieces but so indecisive!
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Re: Need Advice about MOH (little long)

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