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Is My Engagement Ring To "Trendy", should I go traditional?

Well we recently got engaged on August 24th 2010.
My Fiance' surprised me on our 10th anniversary with a Le Vian Chocolate Diamond engagement ring.

I will admit at a glance it doesn't  scream "I'm engaged" but I also don't think it looks like a standard fashion ring. 

For me, it was love at first sight, especially since I was at the point of being willing to accept a fruit loop, LOL
But after a few not so encouraging comments, including from my Fiance, I'm starting to feel my long term non-traditional desires might have been a poor choice.
I've talked about getting a Le Vian chocolate diamond engagement ring since 2008, when my Fiance gave me my first Le Vian piece  for Christmas, it had chocolate diamond accents. Before being introduced to Chocolate diamonds I wanted the long sought after Canary yellow diamond, pretty much anything to be different and stand out.

But only a week after our engagement my Fiance randomly stated it's definitely not the ring he planned to get me but he wanted to make me happy. He doesn't feel it "looks" like an engagement ring but if i'm happy he's happy.
Which immediately caused me to be very concerned.
Even though I know it's my ring, my choice.
The mere thought of him paying a heafty price for a ring he doesn't care for really bothers me.

My brother (whose opinion I value more than anything else in the world) even suggested for future argument sake, we go look at more traditional wedding sets.

So by week two I decided we should go to the jewelry store and look. Well that trip caused a huge fight because my Fiance got very defensive about me possibly returning "my first engagment ring."
I tried to explain to him, I love my ring and only wanted us both to be happy but the damage was already done.

After leaving the jewelry store , not talking for a few hours, and me breaking down in tears, we decided to have a serious talk about "the ring."

I explained to my Fiance , I wanted a ring that we both felt represented us and our union. If he didn't feel this way about the ring he got, "just to make me happy" , than I think we should mutually select a ring.
So with us both in a calmer states we decided I would look around and once I found what I liked we would go look at it together, then make a decision.

Well needless to say we've been engaged for almost a month, and I truly just can't find anything else that captivates me as much as the ring I have now.
I love being different and when I try on "traditional rings" I don't really think they fit my style or individuality.

My Fiance recently reminded me we only have 2 months left if we are going to exchange my ring, which shows he still thinks about it.

But am I wrong for hoping time runs out before we find something else?!?!

So my question, after my long winded story, LOL

is what do you ladies think?? please give me your honest opinions...

Is my ring to trendy?? should I go for a more traditional engagement ring??

Its white gold,  Chocolate Diamond Center stone, with White and Chocolate Diamond accents, made by Le Vian.

I honestly don't even feel the picture does it justice. Total weight is 1 1/2 carats.

Need serious advice.

Re: Is My Engagement Ring To "Trendy", should I go traditional?

  • Hi Ladies,
    Thank you so much for your comments and really insightful feedback.
    I posted this same question in the Engagement section, I added my update there but forgot to update this section.

    The FI decided to surprise me with a more traditional ring this past weekend.
    He had a piece of my old ring (the Halo) incorporated in the new setting.

    I was really caught off guard (because I thought he just took my ring in to be cleaned)
    But when we arrived at the store the jeweler came out with the new ring. I even said, umm that's not my ring, LOL
    My FI actually got down on one knee and popped the question all over again, he added, with our ring. 

    I miss being a little different but ultimately all that matters is were getting married!!! 

    The second one definitely screams "i'm engaged" LOL

    And I know FI is happy to see me with his original vision. Sometimes I guess I'm a little too out the box but even I have to admit, maybe I do like tradition sometimes!
  • Oh my goodness! Your "new" ring is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Im not saying your old one wasnt. Both are beautiful but your new one is jaw dropping.
  • Thank You Whitney!

    I really do loveeeeee this ring.... I catch myself glancing at it all the time!!!!!

  • My ring is non-traditional in my aspect and I love it. My Fiance said he couldn't have picked it out on his own because I leaned more towards anniversary bands.  We did however find an amazing bridal set from Moody's which I fell in love with and three months later he proposed with it.  It has the three brilliant cut stones but all these winding designs and mini stones and two surrounding bands.  Most of my friends have said it's pretty but definitely not something they'd like but HEY guess what, I don't care because it's my ring and I'm the one wearing it for the rest of my life.  
  • if you love it, keep loving it. but if you werent sure then just take time to think about it. it can always be changed. my fiance gave me a handmade yellowyellow gold ring with a (not symetrical at all) faceted chrysophase stone. it is not fancy or expensive frankly, but i love it. it looks like pirate's treasure!
  • Both rings are beautiful!!  The new one certainly isn't as non-traditional but you'll have many anniversaries for him to buy you quirky, unique jewerly that isn't necessarily as meaningful to him as your engagement ring.  It's really sweet that he re-proposed to you and I hope you are both very happy!
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