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Including my son

Hello ladies,
I thaught I would run this by you girls first, so when my FI looks @ me like i'm crazy I can be prepared!
I have been trying to think of ways to include my now 19 months old son (who will be almost 3 by next august). Aside from being our handsome little ring-berrer, I was thinking of including him on our invitations. Here is what I am thinking of:

Because you have shared in thier happiness, Landon __________ would like to invite you to withness the love that his father Wayne __________ and mother, Samantha _____________ have for each other as they exchange wedding vows on August 18th of 2012.

So what do you think? Maybe the wording is a little weak, but you get my point.
Do you have any more ideas of how I could include him? I want him to know that it's not all about mommy and daddy but about our family!

Let me know what you ladies think....

Re: Including my son

  • it's cute....but what kind of wedding are you having? Formal, family only, informal, under/about 100 ppl? I think the wording is really dependent on that. If it's an informal, family and really close friends, under 100 ppl wedding I think it's perfect and really cute. If it's formal and a big wedding, not so much.
  • We are having a pretty casual wedding. Family and friends. Not friends of friends. Approx 100 peoples.
  • I might be hated on for this, but I don't like it.  I think it's too cutesy and little kiddie.  This is your wedding day, not a birthday party.  I'd include him in other ways...

    -Have him help make the invitations.  Or at least lick the envelopes, since he's so little.
    -Let him participate in a family unity celebration like a family candle or something
    -Invite him to come dance with you & his dad for the second half of your first dance
    -Have him walk you down the aisle
    -Put his name in the program
    -Have him hand out bubbles, sparklers, bird seed, etc. for send off

    etc. etc.

    There are lots of ways to make him feel included in your wedding day without essentially saying he's hosting the thing.
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    i like SkettiHeadie 's wordage best. the first was a bit confusing...
    on the topic of including son's...
    my fiance's son will be standing next to his dad during the ceremony, along with the best man... what would you ladies say if he walked with us back up the alise at the conclusion of the ceremony. i love this little boy as if he were my own and i also want him to play a bigger part then just the ring bearer... ideas and inputs please! :)

  • I went to a wedding where the father and step mother to be did a unity ceremony where they gave the little girl a necklace with 3 rings(representing themselves becoming a family)  and they each said vows to her... It was very touching... a 5 minute thing that i wil never forget.... just an idea...
  • We are including both of our sons...

    JS and JM
    requests the honour of your presence
    as their parents


    are united in holy matrimony...blah blah blah..

    Just a thought...

    S and CJ
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