August 2012 Weddings

Ugh. Venues...

Let me just tell you... finding a reception venue is a huge headache and we haven't even gone to SEE any yet!!

We pretty much have our hearts set on Cape May, NJ for sentimental reasons (and it's an adorable little beach town!)

This past week we started to look into prices and HOLY COW how are we going to afford this?  TK says we should spend ~$25 a person.  We're paying for this thing ourselves and our budget is only $15,000 (hey, I'm still a student, ya know!?).  All these places want $85-95 a person.  A PERSON.  If every person on our tentative guest list comes, thats $9,095-$10,165 for a venue and food.  WHOA.  And we haven't even asked our parents for THEIR guest lists yet!!

So we started looking in other locations (Ocean City MD, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, etc) and it's all the same!  So we're back to Cape May since if we're spending themoney, we might as well get married where we want to get married.

I'm emailing venues to find out pricing and we're trying to cut down our guest list :(  This has put me down in the dumps.  We were already only inviting people we really wanted to see at our wedding...

Did you guys have to do this?  Did you readjust your budgets to accomodate?

I feel like I'm already "settling" on so much (like changing my dress budget to like 1/5 of what I wanted to spend) and I really don't want to settle on having my reception somewhere I don't want to have it.

Sorry for the vent.  Had to get it out.  I can't wait till this and photography are taken care of.  Then I'll feel like it's official.  Our date will be set in stone and everything will run smoothly... hopefully :/
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