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If money were of no object...


Re: If money were of no object...

  • BeccaK89BeccaK89 member
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    I would have to agree with you & definately have a sushi bar! I love sushi! I would also have all different types of meats, kinda like a big barbeque. My man is from the south so I know he would love that =)
    Best of luck!
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    I would bump up our menu! We currently have prime rib, but I would want Filet Mignon, and a full italian dessert bar.
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    Ooh, in my mind, if people don't remember your food, you didn't do a very good job with the caterer. Decor makes people FAR less happy than amazing food will.

  • LasairionaLasairiona member
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: If money were of no object...</a>:
    [QUOTE]Ooh, in my mind, if people don't remember your food, you didn't do a very good job with the caterer. Decor makes people FAR less happy than amazing food will.
    Posted by kaesha[/QUOTE]
    Exactly. No one will remember what anything looked like but they will remember whether the food was good or bad and whether the entertainment was good or bad. Everything else is just details.
  • golden1215golden1215 member
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    We're getting married at my fav steakhouse so im pretty happy w/ the standard steakhouse fare we're offering.... shrimp cocktail, prime ribe/filet mignon/sea bass/chicken, top shelf drinks etc....  like someone else said, I'd splurge on awesome rental decor and china- instead of the standard tableware that the restaurant offers.  Food is food, but wedding pics of a beautiful set up will last forever!
  • toshia94toshia94 member
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    Surf & turf would be my vote :)  Can't go wrong there!
    Of course if money were no object, it would all be cooked by Gordon Ramsay Cool
  • DukeswifeDukeswife member
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    I would add a seafood station with shrimp lobster king-crab and dunginess crab clusters, scallops, snapper, salmon,clams and oysters all cooked to perfection. I would also add a couple of meat carving stations like ffilet mignon, prime rib and honey baked ham.I would fly our families to the Caribbean for the wedding Then iisland hop for the honeymoon (also in the Caribbean) for 4 - 6 weeks.
  • KiravanguardKiravanguard member
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     I've always been totally for the less is more policy so I'm not super disapointed that I can't afford a full course meal or fancy hors d'oeuvres. We're having finger foods--fruit, picnic sandwiches, crackers, pretzels, etc.-- and cake.  It'll also be in the morning before lunch time so that people don't expect a full meal. We won't have servers, just a buffet table. 
    The only thing is that maybe I'd be more willing to splurge a little more on a nicer cake.
    Part of my reasoning/justification forall of this (besides lack of money) is that my fiance and I don't want to be super full for our wedding night. :)
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    Have you ever been on a Royal Carribean Cruise?  I would do their sit down dinner on Surf and Turf Night -AMAZING!  lol.
  • UDscoobychickUDscoobychick member
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    Can I point out the obvious that most of the responses center around the food since this is a cakes and food board?

    I already called the Italian pastries, but upon further consideration, I think I'd add making sure everything on the menu was seasonal and local!
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    1)  A full service bar, even tips taken care of.  

    2)  A "bake stand" with sweets galore :)

    3)  Photobooth (this is probably going to happen anyways :) )

    4)  Reception at the zoo in the dolphin pavilion. How neat to have them swimming around us!

    5)  Destination Wedding with paid expenses for the wedding party 

    Oh if money were no object.....Laughing
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    in my dream wedding...
    mariachi band to entertain during cocktail hour and after ceremony
    raw/seafood bar
    full open hosted bar with tequila tasing
    beautiful fragrant flowers everywhere
    multi course seated dinner
    beautiful, handmade, paper goods- save the date, invitations, escort cards, etc..
    Fly 50 of my closest friends and family for a weekend beach wedding in Hawaii.
    sigh if only money were no object!

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