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Grooms Cake--how many should it serve?

My fiance is from the South and his family weddings ALWAYS include a grooms cake, which is served at the reception at the same time as the wedding cake. My question (which has stumped his family) is how many should the grooms cake serve? Does every guest get a slice (which means I am ordering double the cake I thought I was)? Do guests get an either/or choice? Does every guest get a slice of wedding cake and then the grooms cake is extra for some percentage of our guests who want it?This is making me crazy.

Re: Grooms Cake--how many should it serve?

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    There is no "rule" on how to handle this, but I would recommend ordering enough cake to serve all of your guests. This could be divided 75 percent wedding cake/ 25 percent grooms cake, 50/50, or however you choose. Just don't order twice as much cake as you have guests- I guarantee most guests will not eat 2 full servings of cake.
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    We're splitting it 50/50 with groom's cake and wedding cake. But not everyone will eat cake so we might just have really small cakes and an extra dessert/fruit bar to save money
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    Thanks! I've been asking around and most people with whom I've spoken have given pretty similar answers, as well as some creative ideas for serving. I really appreciate your suggestions!
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    originally, we were going to do a 3 teired wedding cake and maybe a grooms cake, then due to some technicalities, I have to do a 2 teired wedding cake and a sheet cake, so I decided to make the sheet cake a grooms cake (it will be a football feild since FI loves all sports)
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    we're splitting it 50/50, maybe 40/60 (in favor of the groom's cake). he's getting cheesecakes, so those freeze well and we can send leftovers home with family. I doubt anyone will mind. :)

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