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How much?

My cousin was my maid of honor in my first wedding. That marriage didn't last for reasons I won't go into. I am planning my second wedding and it is going to be great. I am not asking for my family to do anything for the wedding, I am paying for it and there is no wedding party just because I want everyone to just sit back and enjoy it as my gift to them. My cousin wants to do our wedding cake because she has taken a class and learned how to do real involved cakes and she is good! She told me she will do it no charge and its her gift to us. I still feel like I should pay her something though. We aren't having a large wedding, it will be elegant and small with about 35 guests max! I just want enough cake to feed that amount of people and it can be plain white in color with pastel edible seashells on it. Do you think I should still pay her something?

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    What about giving her a gift? Or a gift card to store she likes?
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    Good idea thanks!
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    have to ask if you went to ECU and when!!  i did too!!  i agree too with the gift for her.  she obviously wants to do it for you. 
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    Even though the cake is only to serve 35, she's still going to spend about $50-75 on just the ingredients and supplies alone to pull the design off (the molds and chocolate for the seashells too)...  Then there's the plate for the cake.  I'd say as a guideline you should give her at minimum the cost of the supplies for the cake because the gift of her time to make the cake is still a HUGE gift!!  Think about your living wage x24 hours in time - because even though the cake may be small, there's still a lot of time invested into it from purchasing supplies, tempering chocolate, to baking, to decorating, to delivering, setting up, etc.  One last thing, not to be a "debbie downer" but make sure you check with your reception site and caterer to make sure it's o.k. for her to bring the DIY cake in if she's not licensed or working out of a licensed kitchen.  It's state law in a lot of states that it's not allowed, so just be sure you're covered so your friends gift gets enjoyed by all, not just you when you get back from your honeymoon...
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