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don't want to cut the cake/have cake cutting ceremony

My fiance don't like the idea of having and cake cutting/feeding each other cake ceremony.  We don't fee each other at home, so we're definitely not doing it in from of 250 people.  Any suggestion?  We want a cake, but not the pomp and circumstance.

Re: don't want to cut the cake/have cake cutting ceremony

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    Simple...  You just tell the caterer before the event to start cutting when they're ready for cake service after the dinner has started (want to make sure guests have had a chance to see the cake and you to get a picture with it at least even if you don't do the whole cutting ceremony.  Nothing more nothing less.  You could do the cutting ceremony/photo opp so people don't think you "forgot", but instead of feeding eachother the cake, just serve yourselves instead. 
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    pp suggestions sounds like two good plans.
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    That's pretty much what we did. We just told the server manager that we were ready for the cake and they started cutting and serving it while we were talking with our guests. Worked out quite nicely.
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