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Golden Dragon Boat Cafe & Bakery in New York City

Do NOT order your wedding cake from here.

I went to this bakery for years and saw all of the beautiful cakes. I also knew they could create just about any cake.

I asked for a quote and wanted to order my wedding cake here 6 months prior to my wedding. I was told to come back 2 weeks prior to my wedding to order the cake, and it would cost $360 (three tier 25-30 pound cake to feed 100-150 people. I went back 2 months prior to my wedding just in case. I had to go back and forth a few times to find the right person to speak to and ask questions like how much is delivery, is a cake stand included, etc. Finally, was able to speak to the right person 3 weeks before my wedding. Was told they couldn't do nearly all of the things I wanted for my cake. It wasn't extravagant. At first, I said ok, and they asked me to go online to find the cake decorations and buy it. I said ok - I wanted my cake to be perfect.

When we discussed price again, every minute, the price went up another $2 per pound for no reason. I demanded they stick to the price they quoted months ago, or at least not increase the price $2 per pound every minute. They refused to the price from months ago, and even minutes ago!

I was very upset to say the least.

The person I was speaking to worked at the bakery only on weekends. She works as a bank teller during the week. She kept commenting how rich I am and price doesn't matter. I reminded her that I wasn't rich, and price did matter. At the end, she wouldn't budge on the price, which was now $3000. She also demanded I get her a job at my company. I demanded that she give me the original price and she responded that she wasn't the owner, she couldn't help me, but insisted that I still get her a job, and didn't understand why I was so upset that 3 weeks before my wedding, I had to scramble to find another bakery.

Order your wedding cake here at your own risk. If you do, only go in there looking poor.
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