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Cake- ideas/constructive cticism please

Just wanted to share my mini mock up

I will be using the willow tree figures which why thisone is on here.

The second pic has blue food coloring, not sure if I will use food coloring or how much of it.

Of course the real thing will be much firmer and solid.

This one has a round base and top and square middle
thats another thing I'mnot sure of.
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Re: Cake- ideas/constructive cticism please

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    The cake is a good has lots of detail that from your pictures look great!  The square tier in the middle is always good to add even more detail in BUT you need to make you top tier one size smaller and your bottom tier two sizes bigger - for example, if your top tier is a 5" round and your middle tier is a 6" square you bottom tier should be an 8" round.  Once you have the icing on the square tier it will be a little bigger than you think!! 

    I make cakes for a living if you could tell...hehe, email me if you have any other questions or if there is anything I can tell you to make this process smooth as smooth can be!
    [email protected]

    Again, I like the idea you have going, so pretty!
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    I'm not too crazy about the blue...  But, I would suggest maybe not doing one layer blue.  Maybe the top and bottom, but not the middle.  Or maybe add some blue details to the other layers?  I don't know, it just throw me off.

    The cakes are adorable though.

    (Not trying to me mean!)
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