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We're going to have a red and white wine and a light and dark beer as our selections. Right now, invited count is 240. We'll probably just have 1 keg per type of beer, but I'm unsure on how much wine to have. How much is too much or too little?  Is there an estimation per guest?  And any suggestions for an easy signature drink that pleases most people?

Wedding is December, Rustic, BBQ.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Adult Beverages

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    We will have one keg and I think we are going to have Spiked Punch. It is fun and easy/cheap to make. :) I am thinking some sort of juice and some sprite or 7up, and some tasty white rum. Yummy!

    Oh, we are inviting 280 people, but half of them don't drink. We also don't want people going home drunk, so we are focusing on just a little bit of alcohol, not a ton.
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    From the calculator PP posted (I assumed you're having an evening wedding, you will need less if it's in the afternoon):

    250 Guests
    Beer: 500 bottles
    Champagne: 70 bottles
    Red Wine: 85 bottles
    White Wine: 85 bottles

    “Guests will drink more white wine during the summer and more red wine in the winter,” says Linnea Johansson, an events planner and author of Perfect Parties: Tips and Advice from a New York Party Planner (  So purchase the same total number of bottles, but adjust the quantities of red and white accordingly: 10% more red (and less white) or 10% more white (and less red), depending on the season"

    You can cut out the champagne, but if you're having a signature drink, maybe use that amount as a guideline for how much alcohol to get for your signature drink.  Google tells me that a keg (half-barrel) = 165 bottles, so I think you will need more than two kegs unless the majority of your guests are underage.
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    Thanks guys. We've got 200 adults and 40 children invited. A friend had 325 attend and barely used their back-ups kegs, they had 2 of 2 kinds of beers. I guess that's what I'm afraid of, losing money there. Thanks for the input!
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