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Timeline for picking a baker...

Hello All!

I am getting married in May 2011 and I have no idea when you should start picking out your bakery.  How far in advance do you have to order?  We are thinking of a 3 tier cake for 300 people.    

It seems like I should be picking them out around 12 months...

Thanks so much for all of your advice!!!

Re: Timeline for picking a baker...

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    12 months is pretty early.  This is really one of the things you can do later but we did it early just because we knew it would be fun to go around tasting all the cake!  We booked ours in March for our November wedding and I would say we did it pretty early.  I would say 6 momths is even plenty of time.

  • Ken&CassKen&Cass member
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    My wedding is in August this year and we have selected a baker and are putting in a deposit this week. I think we are even a little early on it... IMO
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    Thanks Ladies! I think we are going to go around 6-7 months.  That seems to be the consensus  between the married women at work and what I've seen here.  
  • felkelsfelkels member
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    Probably a wise choice.  You are starting the wedding season in May, and bakers can get booked early for wedding season.
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    There is a baker in my home town who i REALLY wanted to get my cake from.  I called her the week after I was proposed to (over a year in advance of the wedding) and she was already booked.

    That being said, when I called another company last summer (for my July 2010 reception) they said that they don't even start booking for summer weddings until January 2010. 

    I guess it depends how in demand your baker is!
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