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We are having our food catered by an Asian resturant. All they are doing is dropping off the food and leaving. I was unsure how to go about drinks though. We will be providing alcohol in nice "tubs" I guess you would call them, with ice. And wine on every table. But our problem is with water and lemonade/punch. I don't know how or where to put it at. We can't afford those drink dispencers. We were thinking of doing a punch bowl and we have a friends friend handling the buffet and refilling the bowl. But we want water available as well. I wasn't sure what we should do about the water. Do we put it in pitchers and have a pitcher on each table?

Any suggestions anyone has about doing their own buffet and drinks is much appreciated!!  Thanks! = )

Re: Self-Catering

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    Hire someone to manage all that - your guests should be out enjoying the party, not restocking the drinks!

    Aside being a good host, the bit you really need to be careful about is the booze. There are HUGE liability issues if guests drink at your wedding and then get into trouble (like drinking and driving). We had a case not so long ago, where hosts of a party were charged because a guest at their party drank and then drove home, got in an accident and killed a teenager and paralysed another. The courts ruled they had partial legal responsibility because it was their booze and they should have been monitoring it. That's not a hassle you need to have on your wedding day, you know?

    You need someone who has liability insuarnce (and someone who can cut people off if they enjoy a little too much) - ask on your local board for suggestions for a bartender or some culinary students.
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    We will have a table with all the drinks on it. We will probably buy a bunch of pitchers or something like that. Walmart usually has them for $1 in the summer.
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    The person refilling the drinks isn't a guest. We are paying him to be there and help with the food and drinks.
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    And you can't ask them to handle the non-alcoholic drinks too?
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    That is what I was asking for advice on. I was asking how to have the guests have the drinks. He isn't going to be there the entire time serving drinks to everyone.

    I will just do what doeie04 is doing, it sounds like it will work.
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    We are doing the alcohol service ourselves. Water and wine will be on each table with glasses. Beer will be in galvanized buckets with ice, and we will have pilsner glasses available at a beverage station along with the non-alcoholic punch and punch glasses.
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    Also a word about potential liability with alcohol, some states are very strict about this. Other states, Louisiana being one of them, have statutes that specifically relieve social hosts of liability if a guest overindulges and injures someone. 

    Check the laws in your state.
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    I have check the liability for the alcohol already. But thank you = )

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