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red velvet

too much for a bride's cake? The last wedding I went to the groom's cake was SO MUCH better than the bride's and although it's not a contest... I don't want mine to completely fall flat against his german chocolate:)

Re: red velvet

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    What do you mean by "too much"? Red velvet cake is delicious and very popular these days.

    Of course, I don't like german chocolate so my opinion might be biased ;)

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    FI's grooms cake is going to be red velvet, his favorite, otherwise I would definitely have a tier of it in the wedding cake. There can never be enough red velvet!

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    oh my Red Velvet with chocolate chip buttercream icing... mmmmm to die for and it is my wedding cake.
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    My friend had red velvet from some of her wedding cake, and it was delicious. If you like red velvet, than I would definitely have it.

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    Half of ours is red velvet (with white chocolate mousse! YUM!) It was my pick, the other half is yellow cake with strawberry and custard filling!

    So I say go for it!
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    it's a great choice! That's what our display cake is(for the color and much as the flavor), and for our sheet cakes we got both red velvet and chocolate...both delicious!
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