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Choices of Beer Types (Keg/Bottles/Cans)

Is it cheaper to buy kegs, bottles, or cans of beer? We will be expecting 150-200 guests, most of which will be adults. We also would like to have a couple signature drinks.

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Re: Choices of Beer Types (Keg/Bottles/Cans)

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    It's probably cheaper to buy a keg if you're only planning on doing one or two types of beer (and depending if you're group are big beer drinkers) but most venues that allowed me to provide my own alcohol wouldn't allow kegs.  I'm not a fan of cans at a wedding reception.  If you want to have a variety of beers then go with bottles.  Where I had my wedding I was allowed to return any unopened cases.
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    Ditto pp.. I'd go with the kegs. I'd get 2 kegs, one for a full bodied beer, and one for a light beer. Between that and the signature drinks, you should have more than enough variety. HTH!
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    If you're allowed to get a keg, it's definitely cheapest, plus less fuss with recycling cans/bottles.
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    We are getting two kegs, Bud Light and Fat Tire. Also keep in mind that you'll have to rent glasses (if they're not provided). We were quoted less than $200 for both kegs, bottles would have cost about double that.
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    I agree with all PP's; kegs are usually cheaper but check with your venue because not all of them allow kegs.
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  • My venue has 7 beers on tap.  They will let us pay per pitcher, which came out to per barrell $200 premium beers and $175 for domestic beers. They just keep track of the cups or pitchers served and type.  
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