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Satin ribbon on cake

Hey everyone!  I've seen many pictures of cakes with real satin ribbon on them, but I've never been to a wedding where the couple's cake had real ribbon on it.  How does the cutting of the cake work with real ribbon?  Do you just take it off?  I love the look of a satin ribbon on a cake, but I would rather not have to do maintanence to the cake before eating it.  Thanks!

Re: Satin ribbon on cake

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    We just cut down to the ribbon.  I don't even remember the ribbon to tell you the truth.  But we didn't have any issues.  The rest of our cake was cut for us in the kitchen so I can't tell you what happened after that!  In fact, our largest tier (bottom) was fake and a sheet cake was cut and served.

    But it's not an issue, trust me.  Here's a picture of our cake cutting.

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    I would actually take the out and save them as a memory!!! you couls use them for decorating or the wedding album
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    I was actually wondering the same thing Kati.
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    My baker says the ribbon is attached with a little "glue dot" of icing .  For the cutting, we're just supposed to pop loose the glue dot and cut there.  Easy.  When the venue cuts the cake, they'll just remove the ribbon.

    Also - my baker specifies that she soaks the ribbon in canola oil and pats it dry before putting it on the cake so that it doesn't discolor unevenly from the fat in the icing.  So, I'm supposed to test the ribbon I give her for color after being oiled.  Something to ask your baker about as well.
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    Thanks for posting this question I was wondering the same thing! Stephiehalls answer was just what I was looking for. Thanks!
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    we just cut the cake normally, and the ribbon just moved out of the way, and didnt stay attached to the cake at didnt rip or anything either...there wasnt an issue, and I didnt even think about it. I have a picture in my wedding bio if you want to see what our cake looked like.
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