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Family Style Dinner

Is anyone planning/have planned a family style dinner?

For many years I have served weddings both ways-sit down and buffet.
I see downfalls in both. With a sit-down style food typically got wasted, it seemed like the same old menu:chicken, salmon, beef with potato and vegetables. <Snooze />
Buffet style is also a way to save money, however, you ask your guests to stand in line, carry their own plates, and a possibility of not getting the freshest possible food.
Also, the timing of dinner is usually off because the first half of the room is ready for dessert while the second half are only starting their meal.

I do like buffet style because you can try several different choices, but I prefer the formality of a sit down dinner.
Family Style seemed to be a way to solve these issues, but my concerns are that I'm opening up a new can of worms! I'm still in the initial planning stages, but I want to give a clear idea of my vision to potentional caterers, venues, etc.

I am planning on having my handy groom make lazy susans for all of the tables. Along with our family style dinner we will be having a beer pairing with each course.

Re: Family Style Dinner

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    I love family style weddings. I think that it gets people talking, even if it just to say, "Please pass the corn." 
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    I think that is a nice idea! I like how they don't have to leave to get food, but get to pick their own. :)
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    [QUOTE]I love family style weddings. I think that it gets people talking, even if it just to say, "Please pass the corn." 
    Posted by kgrunow[/QUOTE]
    Exactly. Plus you can take as much or as little as you want.<div>
    </div><div>I like the idea of the big lazy susans :-)</div>
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    I like them.  It's a nice mix between a buffet and a plated dinner.  

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    I'm having food served that way at my wedding in Feb. We are having a family style pasta dinner with two choices of pasta, salad and breadsticks. I thought it was a great way to serve dinner and I loathe having to stand in buffet lines! I'm excited to be trying it!
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    We are doing family-style for our rustic, fall wedding. We are doing long rectangular tables, with a burlap runner and limited centerpieces and food down the center. Cost-wise, it is a bit more than other options because they have to have enough of each dish for everyone. But I love it as we get to do all sorts of dishes, not having to stick with a boring chicken or fish and beef, and it will get all our guests to talk more as they pass the food. Plus, we just wanted that cozy-home feel. Pics in bio :)
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