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Hello! My FI and I are having a Sunday early afternoon wedding. We are thinking of starting our ceremony at 1:00, cocktail hr from 1:30-2:30, and then reception following that (probably end at 5/6ish). We are debating on whether we should serve a meal or heavy appetizers. What do you think? 2:30 is kind of between lunch and dinner, so that makes me think hor'dourves would be great. However, we don't really have much of a dancing crowd, so if we don't sit down and eat, it feels like people will just be.... bored? Let me know what your opinion is!

Re: Help me decide...

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    If you've got nothing else going on, more food might be a good idea. What about doing interactive food stations? (Think fajita stand, a noodle bar or a made-to-order pizza station) That way you could still serve something lighter than a full meal, but more entertaining than just passed hors d'oeuvres.
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    2:30 is not a meal time, nor do the majority of people in the real world expect to be fed a full meal at that hour. At that time of day, just serve appetizers.
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    Realistically, if you don't have a "dancing crowd" I don't think people wll just sit there for 3-4 hours.  Even with a full meal, they will leave when the wedding events are over and they are done eating.  This happened at a wedding we went to over Christmas holiday....they served a full meal at 3 p.m.  No one really danced.  By 4:30, the place was almost empty.  We left about 4:45 because literally, it was just wedding party and family and a few others left because there was nothing to do.

    Just know that serving food won't keep people sitting there.
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    Personally, I look at not having a "dancing crowd" as a challenge. My fiancé and I aren't convinced that we will have people dancing but we are still going to have it as option, because I've been told I may be surprised at who actually gets up and dances. There are a lot of other options for entertainment, some expensive, some cheap. If you decide not to have a DJ I really think it's your responsibility to come up with something for people to do... or you will end up like bigvoice said, with everyone leaving way before it's supposed to be over. I agree food will not keep people there.
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    I got married on a sunday
    started my ceremony at 1-1:30
    had cocktail hr 1:30-2:30
    and the reception after that until 7pm and everything worked out fine.
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    I'm planning an afternoon wedding and one thing everyone has told me is be sure not to serve any "heavy" food.  You don't want people going into a food coma and not being able stay awake in their chairs let alone dancing the afternoon away.  I agree with what someone commented above, if you dont' have dancing have some other activity planned or available so people don't just eat and run.
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