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Cake flavor---anyone heard of this?

I am having the hardest time trying to pick a cake flavor because my brother is making the cake for us, so I'm not using a bakery, so no cake tastings. I'm not a huge cake eater, but I love cherry cheese danish (cherry pie filling and cream cheese baked into a danish). My fiance loves them, too. Do you think that would work for a cake? Have, say, just a white cake or vanilla cake and cream cheese and cherry pie filling for the filling?
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Re: Cake flavor---anyone heard of this?

  • mica178mica178 member
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    I think it could work.  I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find a baker who could do this for you.
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    I would try a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting and a layer of cherry filling in the middle.  I am not sure if it would work better to have frosting in the layer, too (maybe frosting-cherry-frosting) to prevent it from getting mushy, and that might give it more of the flavor that you are looking for with the cream cheese/cherry combo.  I really like cream cheese frosting.  I have made the chocolate cake w/cream cheese frosting from this site, (and eaten many slices of cake from their restaurant), and it's great.  I have flavored it with kahlua, so you could try flavoring it with cherry.  

    Also, I don't know why no cake tastings just because your brother is making it.  Will he at least do some experimentation so you can see what works and what you like before he makes the big cake?  
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    It could work, there any chance you could have a different flavor of cake too? Like a different layer=different flavor? Because I don't like that cherry stuff, and not all of your guests might (unless you already know everyone likes the cherry pie filling?).
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    I think it will work just fine.

    As a side note, I wouldn't have every tier have this flavor for your guests like me that hate cherry.

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    That sounds really good to me. But I might also do a plain chocolate layer or something. I think pretty much everyone will like one of those two.
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    I'm actually gonna have 2 other flavors, one being white cake with raspberry filling and the other being some kind of chocolate (red velveet or chocolate with chocolate mousse filling, not sure which one). So the cherry cheese won't be the only choice.
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