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Hors D'Oeurves and Stations or just Hors D'Oeurves?

As of right now I have a menu with 2 passed and 3 stationed hors d'oeurves for the "cocktail hour." Then we have one entree and 2 side stations for a buffet like dinner. Have two "problems" with this. One is the cost. I'm trying to find a way to cut a cost somewhere on the menu. Two is the time. Repeatedly I'm told that I don't have to supply a "dinner" because of the time. The reception will actually be starting around 3:45PM to 4PM. Our reception is very laid back. I just want to eat, drink, dance, and enjoy the day. So, my question is: could I get away with just a variety of hors d'oeures and do you think this would help in the cost? Would this be enough for people?

Re: Hors D'Oeurves and Stations or just Hors D'Oeurves?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Hors D'Oeurves and Stations or just Hors D'Oeurves? : If your reception starts at 4, you need to have a dinner or enough heavy apps to make a dinner.  Unless you want your reception to end at 5:30 because guests are leaving to get dinner, you need to feed them.  12-15 heavy apps per person is a good starting point if you want to do apps-only at a meal time. Apps only is not always less expensive than a meal.  Be sure to price out both options.
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    Exactly this, and if you are having a reception with dancing, I imagine you plan on people staying for a few hours. If you want to stick to light apps, that is fine but keep the reception to 1- 1.5 hours based on your current start time.
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    I agree with Duds on the dinner. I would leave early if you weren't feeding me and my children. My son and I are both hypoglycemic and have to eat at certain times during the day.

    As for the cost, would it save you any money to cut down on the stations and have more passes apps or vice versa? Is one pricer than the other?
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    In addition to the full meal/tons of apps suggestions from PPs, I also strongly suggest having a couple stationary items because even the most diligent hors d'oeuvres seekers can have trouble tracking down the waiters with the trays.  I was at an event once where it was so hard to track down the waiters before the trays were empty that I paid a waiter 10 bucks to come to me first when he got a new tray of stuff.  
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    It sounds as though you want to cut the cost down. What is missing is the rest of the "timing". Are you having the appetizers because of when you and the wedding party will be arriving, later than the guests due to picture taking? If not, then I don't think you need the apps. It's a "nice to have", but for a budget, not needed with a meal.

    I agree with the prior posters: Based on your starting time, you should be providing a meal, or enough food to constitute a meal UNLESS you are ending your reception within 2 hrs of the start time. Your reception will include most people's dinner hour.

    You state you are having an entree and 2 side stations for a buffet. You don't mention what the side stations are serving, but if it's something like a mashed potato bar with mutliple "fixings", and a pasta bar, that along with whatever your entree is should be fine, assuming your entree is a meat.

    It's been my experience planning my wedding, and reading so many posts on the Knot that appetizers are not always cheaper. They are time intensive, with people preparing little bites of food, and actually can cost more than a buffet meal. Plus, passing them means you have people who are being paid by the hour to do this. Really not cost effective.

    You have to decide if you want to supply a buffet meal or 12-15 appetizers per person to constitute a meal if your reception is lasting more than a couple of hours. You don't have to have both.

    Good luck.

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