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Less than 2 months to find new caterer. Please help me decide.

With less than 2 months to go until my wedding, I am in the position of having to find a new caterer.  Ours has disappeared (the wedding in in NC but we live in PA).  Thur the magic of Facebook, I've found out that they shut their doors a couple of months ago.  I am assuming I won't see my 50% deposit again.  :(   anyway, if there is a bright side, it's that the wedding is on a Wednesday, so there are still some really good caterers available, just not what we had originally wanted, and all more expensive.  Can you please give me some opinions on this menu?  Would it appeal to you or are there any constructive suggestions you could make?  Keep in mind, I'm feeling fragile!  hahaha!

  • Bahamian Conch Fritters (with tortuga dipping sauce)
  • Mango, Blackbean and Roasted Corn Salsa (with various kinds of colorful, tasty tortilla chips)
  • Baked Brie with Guava, Roasted Garlic in a Puff Pastry
  • Jamaican Jerked Chicken (a traditional style of chicken - marinated with jerk sauce then slow cooked)
  • Coconut Shrimp (with a tangy coconut-lime sauce for dipping)
  • Caribbean Cole Slaw (with papaya, pineapple, mangoes and island spices)
  • Black Beans and Rice Island Style (with sauted veggies)
  • Plantains

Thank you!!!

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Re: Less than 2 months to find new caterer. Please help me decide.

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    Sorry, that sounds stressful.  However, I think that foods sounds amazing, good last minute find.  I don't eat meat, but the preparations for the chicken and shrimp seem good--I love jerk sauce.  My mom makes a similar cole slaw, it's yummy.  Are some of those things going to be during cocktail hour and some during the meal, or will everything be served all at once?  One concern I would have is that it looks like a lot of flavorful, maybe spicy foods, so if you have less adventurous people, you might want to have a plainer option available.  Also, personally as a vegetarian, I'd be ok as long as the rice and beans were prepared vegetarian, not sure if you have many vegetarians coming. 
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    Thank you for the input!  I don't have any vegetarians coming, but I do have a few non red mead eaters, so chicken is safe.  I also have some kids and the chef said she could make mac and cheese and chicken fingers for them.  Since it's buffet, I would guess any adults who are picky could eat some of that.  I need to talk to her some more, it's hard from work.  I'm supposed to call her again this evening.  I was wondering the same thing about whether some of the food was for cocktail hour.  I"m thinking the first 3 things listed should be for cocktail hour.
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    omg that's awful.  this makes me want to keep a close eye on our caterer.  i'm so sorry!

    re: the deposit - did you pay with a cc?  if so you might be able to get it back through your cc company by disputing the charge.  one of my friends did this after her dj disappeared into outer space 2 weeks before the wedding.

    your menu sounds amazing though and it's making me hungry for coconut shrimp!  i'm not vegetarian or picky though.  especially on the fly i think you're off to a very excellent start.

    good luck!
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    Your menu sounds AMAZING! I'd be thrilled to be a guest at your wedding. Much more fun, exciting menu than most weddings.

    Sorry you're in this situation-- hope it all works out!

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    Thank you for the feedback!  We are waiting on a menu and pricing from a 2nd caterer and then we will make our decision ASAP.

    I was going to pay for the deposit with a CC, as i normally do, but he told me he preferred a check.  I should have insisted, but I really didn't think anything of it.  :(
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