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I am looking for an affordable venue for our wedding next fall, 50 guests or less, We are active duty Navy so our budget is tight. Love something on the beach, but we are realsitic. We don't have to have a traditional style space!

Re: Affordable Hampton Roads Wedding Venue

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    Not sure what your budget is, but we had our wedding at the Barclay Towers Resort Hotel at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. We chose to have the wedding indoors, but you could also do it outside. We booked a Friday night, so the food minimum was only 2,000. (see my review of them in the Hampton Roads vendor review thread)

    You could also try Watermans or Mahi Mahs since you have such a small group.
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    Call the Hampton Inn in VA Beach they have a perfect oceanfront room for your size group... I attended a small wedding there in May & it was very nice.  Good luck!
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    There are several places on base, try Shifting Sands on the Dam Neck base or Vista Point Club on NOB.
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    yes, try vista point. They say they won't send you the pricing without you signing a non disclousure agreement, but they still were willing to E-mail us one. Their rental fee is pretty cheap, but their food isn't cheap. We are on a really tight budget and right now we're thinking of going with grand affairs. The estimate we got for our wedding of 120 people was between 3700 and 4500 that's  depending on if we did a buffet or if we just did appitizers. It may seem pricey, but that would include the whole wedding. Centerpieces, tables, linens exc..the only thing you would need is chair covers, a dj, and then they do beach wedding for another $700. You get married on the beach then come back to their lcoation for the reception. I'd imagine with only 50 people, at the $25 per dish for a sit down dinner, which is what most cost when I was there, you wouldn't be spending more than like 3k with everything they offer, plus your own chair covers, dj, and officiant.

     You can also just get married on the beach for free. If you have less than, I believe, 100 people you just need to get a permit and an officiant. If you want, you could rent chairs, but I feel like a simple short casual ceremony wouldn't even require it. That would save you their $700 fee.
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