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Need a venue with a canopy of trees

I am very new to Virginia and newly engaged. I am at a loss as to WHERE to go! I know exactly what I want, being from the South I am inlove with oak trees. I have always envisioned myself walking to my "Soon to be Hubby" under a line of oak trees. Just like: http://boonehallplantation.com/ 
I know that oak trees arent a big thing in VA, like they are further south; so a canopy of gorgeous trees would suffice.
To make it even harder is that this is the wedding that my Mom and I had envisioned together (before I got engaged) and before she passed away from cancer. I don't know enough about Virginia (I live in Fairfax) to really know where to start. I've looked at a bunch of vineyards, but I can't find something like the oak trees in the "South"
This is my dream....and my Mom's. Anyone have any idea on a location? I'm open for pretty much anywhere, obviously the closer to Fairfax the better, but I'm willing to travel some. South Carolina is just TOO far. (October 2012 wedding)

Thanks for all of your help!!!

Re: Need a venue with a canopy of trees

  • I think the only place I've seen something like that is (sadly) in NC/SC/GA, but I know Ash Lawn-Highland in Charlottesville has a gigantic, old oak tree in one of the yards that people get married under/in front of. We're getting married at that venue, although maybe not that spot, and ALH is reasonably priced for Charlottesville, I think. Good luck! (and congratulations on your engagement!)
  • Avion22Avion22 member
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    Ash Lawn is lovely.  No "line" of oak trees, but tons of oak trees everywhere (and awesome views).

    Maybe instead of a vineyard you should look at historic homes or even B&Bs?  They are ALL OVER THE PLACE.   
  • Thank you, thank you Dont Ask Me Again!! We are actually about to place a deposit on the Museum!! We absolutely loved it! 

    Thank you for "picking" out our wedding venue!!
  • NewsteadNewstead member
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    Have you considered Newstead On The James?

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