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Driving myself crazy over venues! (x-posted frm Detroit board)

I cannot wait until we choose a venue for our ceremony and reception, because I am driving myself CRAZY looking at them online. I feel like it is practically taking over my life! My parents have very generously offered to pay for the hall and food, but I don't want them to spend too much so I'm trying to find places that are fairly reasonable priced. FI's family is coming from the Toledo area, mine are mostly downriver. I also want something that isn't going to clash with our color scheme, which is a deep blue with pink.

The color scheme is making it tough because a lot of places I've seen pictures of really look like they would clash. Seems burgundy and gold are pretty popular reception hall colors in this area, but FI really wants blue since it's both of our favorite color, and I have my heart set on pink gerbera daisies. I didn't realize it would be so hard to find a place wth neutral colors!

Going to tour some venues this week and hoping we find the one! So far I'm really liking Stone Creek Banquet Hall in Flat Rock, Weber's Inn in Ann Arbor (worried it might be a bit pricy though), Club Venetian in Madison Heights, Silver Shores in Wyandotte, and Stone Ridge Golf Club in Bowling Green. Any other suggestions? 100-150 guests, and I'm hoping to keep it at about a max of $40pp.

I really like the idea of a wedding at Wildwood since it's somewhere me and FI go together a lot, but I'm concerned about parking, I know it can be a nightmare!

Re: Driving myself crazy over venues! (x-posted frm Detroit board)

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    First of all, I wouldn't worry too much about the hall matching your decor.  You can downplay the hall's colors by drawing attention to your colors on the tables and whatnot.  The hall's colors will really fall into the background.

    Anyway, look into LaRoy's Hall, that's where we had our reception.  It's in La Salle, near Monroe, which sounds like it would work for you with guests coming from both different directions.  The price point is right where you're looking for it to be, and they have BLUE carpet.  It's pretty neutral decor.
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    I second Abbey, look at LaRoys.  We toured their facility and it is really nice. The owner was super helpful as well. 

    Our wedding is at Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, OH.  If you have the wedding on a Friday or a Sunday, or an off season month, you could do it for about $40 per person.

    Good luck :)
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  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    LaRoy's is pretty nice.  I booked mine through Gladieux, though.  I doubt you'd like the decor.  It's kind of ugly... but it was like this all-inclusive type thing that came with the linens, china, silver, setup/tear-down, etc... So I overlooked the decor.  Their base package is $37.75 pp.

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  • Heathc123Heathc123 member
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    links of lake erie is all inclusive and has a package that start at 37.50 which includes a cake and dj linnens, chair covers etc...they do have some maroon in the room tho.
    it is in monroe mi


    www.linksatlakeerie.com/uploaded_pics/image-20091116145412.jpg" border="0" alt="" align="left" />
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    We had ours at Stone Oak Country Club...the walls there are very pale, light blue and white.  The carpet is green, but once you have all of the tables & chairs set up (especially with chair covers) the carpet disappears.  Our price there was about $40 per person, you could go more or less expensive depending on your bar and food choice.  They can accomodate up to 150.
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  • Altoid_StormAltoid_Storm member
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    You just helped me out a lot! All of you did! I totally fell in love with Links of Lake Erie's website and I'm going to go check out the venue in the next couple of weeks. Their prices are actually in my budget :)

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  • courtney1188courtney1188 member
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    Thanks for the advice! I have looked online at laroys...my concern is that we are having a band, and because of the slightly odd way their dance floor is sectioned off I don't really see a spot for one. Maybe I'm being overly picky (okay, yes, I'm sure I'm being overly picky, haha), but the sort of fenced-off dance floor is...odd. I don't know.

    I've tried to contact Links at Lake Erie twice so far and had no response, both through e-mail or phone, so I don't have a great feeling about the so far. Our favorite place we've seen so far is in Flat Rock, Michigan. Laroy's prices do look very good though, so I suppose it couldn't hurt to go take a look and talk to them about my concern about having space for the band.
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    I know just how you feel! I just got engaged last week and have been nonstop on the internet trying to find a venue. It is very frustrating because only I find a place that I like its already booked.  I was looking for a rustic barn wedding to go with my fall theme and so far the only places I found are taken. I am even considering a december wedding instead. So just wanted to let you know you are not alone!
  • greshheegreshhee member
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    I am having my reception at St. Josephs Family Center in Sylvania, OH... the hall is actually quite beautiful with wood everywhere and a cute little nook for a band! You should check it out and they allow outside venues so you can control the price that way!

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