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XP - I know we hate "vote for me" stuff

his was on Snarky Brides today, and I just feel like this girl could use some extra votes to get her bucket list wish!  Cana you go vote if you get a moment?

OK everyone, I know we don't usually post contests and I am not a reg over here on SB, but this one isn't for weddings, and it's not for me, and I am hoping you'll excuse my post to bring it back to everyone's attention again. This was actually brought to attention originally on SB last weekend- I don't remember who brought it up, but whoever it was, thank you! It's a contest for a vacation. The girl in the lead is battling stage 4 stomach cancer, and the contestant in second place went around calling her story a "pity party" and a "sob story", and has now resorted to cheating-- people are creating multiple facebook accounts in order to vote for her more than once. A bunch of us have rallied around to vote for her daily, but now the contest ends tomorrow, and suddenly the runner up is getting an absurd amount of votes in a very short time. If you want me to take down this post, I will DD no problem, but I know how everyone here feels about helping people who could use it and how pissed off everyone was about it, so I thought I would remind everyone about this again. If you want to vote, here is the link, and if not, just ignore me. Thank you :) 

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